Trailer Park of Terror (2008)

Country: US
Year: 2008
Director: Steven Goldmann
Stars: Nichole Hiltz (Norma), Trace Adkins (The Man), Priscilla Barnes (Jean), Stefanie Black (Tiffany), Jeanette Brox (Bridget), Ryan Carnes (Alex), Ed Corbin (Sgt. Stank), Brock Cuchna (Aaron), Matthew Del Negro (Pastor Lewis), Michelle Lee (Miss China), Tracy Wadkins, (The Ancient Trucker)

A bus-load of misfit teenagers and their (clearly deluded) youth pastor break down and are offered a bed for the night at a seemingly abandoned trailer park down the road. The trailer park isn’t as empty as it seems, however, and the nearly-dead residents have some interesting methods of dispatching the teens.

I really enjoyed this one. Watching it made me want to go out and get hold of the comics it’s based on. It’s a lot of fun and most of the characters are well written and engaging – the dead ones that is, as usual I wanted all the ‘troubled’ kids to get offed as quickly as possible (as usual!). It’s really worthwhile getting hold of this one as it’s not often you find a decent horror with a comedy element that actually works in both ways.

Right, to the comic book store!