The Mummy’s Shroud (1967)

Country: UK
Year: 1967
Director: John Gilling
Stars: André Morell (Sir Basil Walden), John Phillips (Stanley Preston), David Buck (Paul Preston), Elizabeth Sellars (Barbara Preston), Maggie Kimberly (Claire de Sangre), Michael Ripper (Longbarrow), Tim Barrett (Harry Newton), Richard Warner (Inspector Barrani), Catherine Lacey (Haiti)

In the year 1920, an esteemed team of archeologists travel to Egypt in search of the lost tomb of child Pharaoh Kah-to-Bey. Ignoring the warnings of death to those who disturb the final resting place, the team led by Sir Basil Walden and financed by the greedy Stanley Preston, excavate the tomb and take the body to a museum to be reunited with the mummified remains of Kah-to-Bey’s faithful servant and protector, Prem. Hell is unleashed when the guardian of the tomb recites the sacred words from the Mummy’s Shroud and awakens Prem to avenge the defilement of his young master’s grave. Definitely not the best of the Hammer mummy films but the Blu-ray conversion makes the film look pretty stunning. It kind of lacks atmosphere and some of the acting is rather stilted – I mention this in particular reference to Maggie Kimberley who plays Claire de Sangre with all the emotional tenacity of a blow-up doll. I also wonder how when all the others in the desert are dirty, sweaty and generally disheveled, Miss de Sangre only breaks a light sheen of perspiration and a full face of immaculate make-up!? I guess it’s the ‘ladies glow, men perspire’ thing. I reckon this is one for Hammer completeists only! Fun fact of the day: Michael Ripper who plays Longbarrow has the dubious honour of being the actor to star in the most Hammer movies – more than 2 dozen! And I bet you can’t think what he looks like offhand…