Evil Dead 2 (1987)

Country: US
Year: 1987
Director: Sam Raimi
Stars: Bruce Campbell (‘Ash’ J. Williams), Sarah Berry (Annie Knowby), Hicks (Jake), Kassie Wesley DePaiva (Bobby Joe), Raimi (Possessed Henrietta), Denise Bixler (Linda), Richard Domeier (Ed Getley)

Classic sequel time here. Ash takes his girlfriend to a cabin in the woods, accidentally plays a tape which reads passages from the Necromonicon (the Book of the Dead – and it’s an ugly book!), and summons the undead who proceed to try to kill him and the small group of zombie-fodder people he amasses. It’s classic!

When the blu-ray preview copy of this landed on my doormat, I think it was my second proudest moment since starting this site (first being when I got my first pay-cheque from the site and immediately booked a tattoo of my logo – an Evil Dead 2 tattoo will be organized soon btw!). I love this movie, it’s funny, creepy, weird, gross, and generally brilliant! Bruce Campbell provides a genius one man show for a great part of it and it only highlights the man’s comedy skills. The new blu-ray transfer is also pretty good for the most part except in one or two places where I guess the original print must be lacking. Either way, it’s a cracking transfer, much better than my old DVD or overused VHS version. A film no horror enthusiast should be without in their collection (admittedly mines is pretty big!) and with the re-release there’s no better time to own it!