Colin (2008)

Country: UK
Year: 2008
Director: Marc Price
Stars: Alastair Kirton (Colin), Daisy Aitkens (Linda – Colin’s Sister), Kate Alderman (False Laura), Leanne Pammen (Laura), Tat Whalley (Marlen – Linda’s Friend), Kerry Owen (Colin’s Mother), Leigh Crocombe (Damien).
Genre: zombie

I was so excited to see this film. Reportedly made on a budget of £45 and edited on the writer/director’s home computer; Colin is a zombie movie told from the perspective of the zombie, from bite to death, to zombiehood.

And the result? It’s pretty poor. Tho I would say mediocre more than anything else, and it’s faaaaaar too long. As a short it would have been great but it just doesn’t work in the context of a full length movie – there just isn’t enough cohesive content. Acting and production are pretty decent and for the money they’ve spent on it, the production value is actually pretty good. But it totally didn’t live up to my expectations. Really disappointing.